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Junior Tiger Golf

Junior Tiger Golf

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Junior Tiger is Altona Lakes Golf junior golf program, which is one of the premier junior golf coaching programs in Australia with over 180 students in our program. Classes run during the school term and the program offers tuition for children aged 5-16 covering all levels of ability.

Junior Tiger holds quarterly tournaments to build matchplay skills and confidence.

CLICK HERE to read about the latest JT tournament held @ Altona Lakes

For those interested in Junior Tiger, payment is via direct debit every fortnight and commitment is for minimum 1 term.

Online Coaching Booking
Class TypeClass Length
Junior Tiger Cubs (Pre-school)30 mins
Yellow Junior Tiger (Beginner) 60 mins
Red Junior Tiger (Beginner-Intermediate)60 mins
White Junior Tiger (Intermediate)60 mins
Blue Junior Tiger (Intermediate-Advanced)60 mins
Black Junior Tiger (Advanced)60 mins
30 min Private30 mins
45 min Private45 mins
60 min Private 60 mins
Semi Privates available