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Altona Lakes Golf Course

Altona Lakes Golf Course features a 9 Hole Golf Course, Driving Range, Memberships, Golf Lessons, Pro Shop, Club Fittings and Repair Centre & Licensed bar and cafe. The course is operational during daylight hours all year round, except Christmas Day.

Golf Course
An enjoyable 9 hole golf course featuring a great mix of holes and lakeside challanges
Driving Range
Featuring a 16 bay undercover and floodlit Driving Range and 2 large undulating putting greens
Pro Shop
The Pro Shop stocks a full range of equipment, boasting major brands – everything you need
Offering a wide range of memberships to cater everyone with unlimited golf and driving range options available
Online Bookings
Book your next round online, we also offer golf lessons and tuition along with professional fitting services
Enjoy our fantastic facilities 7 days a week with casual visits, multi passes and memberships available, find out more
HoleMale LengthMale ParFemale LengthFemale Par
1st Hole439mPar 5371mPar 5
2nd Hole342mPar 4320mPar 4
3rd Hole134mPar 3116mPar 3
4th Hole447mPar 5433mPar 5
5th Hole355mPar 4210mPar 4
6th Hole157mPar 3132mPar 3
7th Hole282mPar 4260mPar 4
8th Hole310mPar 4268mPar 4
9th Hole376mPar 4347mPar 4
Total2842mPar 362458mPar 36

1st Hole

Short Par 5 to start, with danger on the left and right off the tee shot, advance the second shot with a medium iron just short of the grass bunker which will leave a short approach into the green for your third shot.

This is rated the easiest hole on the golf course.

Distance Par
Mens 439 m Par 5
Ladies 371 m Par 5


2nd Hole

For this tee shot you will need to land the ball around 200 to 220 meters to be in the ideal position with water located all the way up the left hand side, this will leave a medium to long iron into the green with water also located on the right.

Stay below the hole as this green has a huge undulation right to left.

Distance Par
Mens 342 m Par 4
Ladies 320 m Par 4


3rd Hole

Looks to be a straight forward par 3 but depending on where the pin is located can become difficult, again leave the ball below the hole which should leave an easier second shot.

Distance Par
Mens 134 m Par 3
Ladies 116 m Par 3


4th Hole

Out of bounds all the way up the left hand side and one water hazard on the right which is in range of the tee shot.

Driver of the tee will set you up for an easier second shot layup before a creek running across the fairway, for the third shot approach take an extra club as this green is slightly elevated.

Distance Par
Mens 447 m Par 5
Ladies 433 m Par 5


5th Hole

A drive down the right side of the fairway will leave a good approach into the green, with out of bounds situated on the left hand side, a medium to short iron for the approach which has a large mound on the front of the green.

You are better to be longer than short on this green.

Distance Par
Mens 355 m Par 4
Ladies 210 m Par 4


6th Hole

When standing on this tee it doesn’t seem to look the full distance as the green is deceivingly longer than it looks.

Using a mid to long iron if you were to miss the green don’t miss to the right as the green slopes right to left you will have a tough chip if you do miss to the right.

Distance Par
Mens 157 m Par 3
Ladies 132 m Par 3


7th Hole

A drive up the right hand side of this fairway will put you in an ideal position for your second shot into the green with 100 metres or less to go. Water located all the way up the left hand side with a clump of trees protecting the green to the right. This green is elevated for the second shot so take one extra club.

The bigger hitters can go for the green in one if the wind is assisting them.

Distance Par
Mens 282 m Par 4
Ladies 260 m Par 4


8th Hole

A drive down the right hand side will open the second shot up into the green. The approach will consist of a medium to short iron with the green being the smallest and most difficult to putt on.

To be on the safe side leave the approach shot short of the pin location as this will leave an easier third shot.

Distance Par
Mens 310 m Par 4
Ladies 268 m Par 4


9th Hole

Great finishing hole this hole can make or break a good score with out of bounds all the way up the right side of the fairway. A drive down the left of the fairway will open the second shot up to have a look at the green, the second shot will consist of between 130 and 180 metres with a slightly elevated green.

Anywhere short of this green is ideal for you next shot.

Distance Par
Mens 376 m Par 4
Ladies 347 m Par 4